How it works

Here at Online Physical our objective is to create an easy-to-use online platform that will enable us to assess and diagnose your condition. With that information, we will allocate a personalised treatment plan which may include, education on your condition, pain management strategies and home exercise programs.

You will have access to the program through a physiotherapy application that includes an interactive diary and step-by-step video/photo instructions which will guide you through the exercises. Exercise handouts (including; exercise order, sets, reps, and duration) will also be provided to allow for better tracking of progress and self-management.

Online Physical will allow you to have easy and affordable access to optimal physiotherapy service. You will be able to revisit exercises that your physiotherapist can track, which has shown to improve outcomes compared to standard physiotherapy care. Furthermore, it will reduce the efforts and cost of exercise, thereby improving the accessibility to exercise interventions.

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