Our vision

Online Physical has a vision to provide accessible physiotherapy care. We provide access to optimal physiotherapy management without the effort of getting ready for a health consult, traveling to clinics, waiting around in waiting rooms, and even taking time off work. Here at Online Physical we strive to make Physiotherapy care accessible to the busiest of us.

Therefore, at Online Physical there is no need for face-to-face appointments, you will have greater accessibility to our services when compared to on-site clinics. With a new wave of tech-savviness, Online Physical focuses on delivering health services by using technologies such as, phones, laptops and tablets.

Online Physical offers the added benefits of reduced travel time and travel costs. There is no need for waiting, in waiting room or planning 2 hours out of your day for a 30 minute appointment. Online Physical provides services from the comfort of any environment. We pride ourselves in providing quality, accessible and time effective physiotherapy treatment.

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