Meet the team

Milos Stojanovic
Doctor of Physiotherapy (Macquarie University)

Bachelor of Sports Science (Exercise Science)

(Victoria University)

Diploma of Fitness

(Victoria University)

Meet Milos

Milos is very passionate about sports, musculoskeletal and post-operative rehabilitation. He draws upon over 10 years’ experience in sports and health and fitness, to integrate it into an active rehabilitation plan, making it accessible to everyone.

Furthermore, Milos enjoys problem solving and tailoring each individual treatment to the clients’ goals and needs. He takes an interest in complex chronic pain cases, and appreciates the importance of integrating a biopsychosocial model to manage pain.

He aspires to lead the way in evidence-based healthcare and pave the way in promoting healthy lifestyle innovation. Milos has personal experience in dealing with injuries, which is where his enthusiasm on becoming a physiotherapist all started from. Guiding people to resolve their injuries and conditions is such reward work for Milos. Knowing he empowered people to overcome the adversity of injury and pain, and showing people what they are capable of beyond their current condition.

He values spending time with his family, he loves outdoor activities, playing sports and the occasional weekend BBQ with friends. He looks forward to meeting and assisting you with your journey.

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