Postoperative Scar Management

Everything You Need To Know

Understanding Scar Formation

  • Scar formation is a natural part of the healing process after surgery.
  • Scars can vary in appearance and texture, but the goal is to achieve minimal visibility and optimal healing.
  • Due to the band like scar formation post-surgery, scars can limit your range of motion.
  • Proper scar management plays a crucial role with improving functional outcomes postoperatively

Factors Affecting Scar Formation

  • Proper wound care, both pre and postoperatively, plays a significant role in scar outcome.
  • Lifestyle factors such as smoking and sun exposure can impact scar formation negatively.
  • Medical conditions like diabetes and poor nutrition can also affect wound healing and scar appearance.

Preoperative Preparation

  • Before surgery, it’s essential to optimize your health by managing any medical conditions and improving nutrition.
  • Quitting smoking at least a month before surgery can improve wound healing and reduce scar formation.

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During Surgery

  • Surgeons use meticulous techniques to minimize trauma to the skin and tissues, which can affect scar appearance.
  • Proper wound closure and minimizing tension on the incision site are crucial for optimal healing.

Postoperative Care

Early Phase (First Few Weeks)

  • Keeping the wound clean and moist is vital for optimal healing. Antibiotic ointments or petroleum jelly can be applied to the scar.
  • Protecting the scar from sun exposure is essential to prevent hyperpigmentation and structural changes.
  • Pressure dressings or silicone gel sheets may be recommended to flatten and soften the scar.

Intermediate Phase (2-3 Weeks Post-op)

  • Once the wound has closed, scar massage can begin to improve scar texture and flexibility.
  • Products like silicone gel sheets and paper tape can continue to be used to enhance scar appearance.

Later Phase (3 Months Onward)

  • Consider more invasive treatments like lasers or dermabrasion if the scar is still prominent.
  • Revision surgery may be an option for unsatisfactory scars, although it’s typically considered after scar maturation (12-18 months post-surgery).
silicone strip scar management

New Innovations in Scar Management

  • Products like Prineo Skin Closure System and Embrace offer promising results in scar reduction.
  • PracaSil, a topical silicone base, has shown effectiveness in improving scar appearance.
Pediatric Wound Care
  • Children’s skin requires special attention, with a focus on minimizing trauma and avoiding adhesive dressings that can cause skin irritation.

Complications of Scar Healing

  • Hypertrophic scars and keloids are common complications that may require additional treatment.
  • Prevention strategies include minimizing tension on the incision and maintaining good wound hygiene.


  • Scar management is a multifaceted process that requires attention to detail and adherence to proper wound care principles.
  • While numerous treatments exist, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and each patient’s scar should be managed individually.
  • By following preoperative preparation, proper wound care techniques, and utilizing innovative treatments, patients can achieve optimal scar outcomes after surgery.

Seek Professional Help

By recognizing and harnessing the power of exercise in improving your health, individuals can take proactive steps towards enhancing their overall well-being and quality of life.

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Enkhbayar Lalidaa
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Stefan Dencic
The Online Physical trainers and physiotherapists are amazing professionals. I visited them about an issue with my tight hamstrings and they provided me with a systematic approach to unlocking them and getting me back to sport. I am an exercise professional myself and recommend my clients to visit OP for any of their Physio needs. If you would like a truly client focused and educational experience then please see the team at Online Physical.
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Sonja Smout
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Veljko Stojkovic
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